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ADG Short And Simple Review : V Moda XS Headsets



Quality headsets have become a major thing in today’s world with the influx of mobile technology and growing tech fields. If you are someone like me who does video commentaries and interviews, then sound is everything. How does the V-MODA XS hold up with its $215 dollar price tag?




I’m blessed to have a pair engraved with the ADG Logo that features my face on the ear piece decal. You can also get whatever you want custom designed in your pair. I highly suggest you should. These headsets are all about style and that’s what this Italian Milano studio is all about.




Although I enjoyed the way the headset looks, one thing that bugged me was the comfort of the earpiece after about an hour or two or use. This is a problem with a lot of headsets. I was just hoping the V-Moda’s would change the need to stop for a break after an hour or so of use.



Sound quality from the mic and the headsets are quite superb. I’ve used theses babies on the PlayStation 4 , my latest YouTube recordings , even a few sound voiced sound effect intros that are now on my channel videos.



I highly recommend these headsets. Although I might say the price would be a little off (high) but if you include all the headset is packaged with such as the carry bag, various accessories and the free custom laser design; the price is well worth it.



Short And Simple…

Fashionable Quality Headsets That We All Deserve




The following is some extra details on the V-Moda: XS headset and where you can purchase it.



Extra small, foldable headphones feature a slim profile for better comfort and exquisite sound

  • XS allows you “mind the gap” by minimizing the unsightly space between the headband and your head
  • 5+ years of R&D resulted in a superior fit, added comfort, grander sound and a compact profile
  • Fashionable form-fitting design elevates your listening experience; discover why “the fit is the sound”
  • Latest addition to the M-Class offers marquee sound signature characterized by its deep yet clean bass, vibrant mids, and ultra-extended clear and transparent highs
  • Combination of steel and metal materials lives up to the military-level standards of the MIL-STD-810G testing guidelines
  • Fully loaded with two Kevlar-reinforced microphone cables for universal smartphone compatibility and an exoskeleton carrying case


Available at: Amazon for as low as $151 , free laser engraving – $45 value)
Suggested Retail Price: $212




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