Fans of Aladdin get ready for for a fun reunion with princess Jasmine as she is now available for Disney Infinity 2.0. Jasmine is definitely a high requested Disney character but was she worth the wait?




COMPATIBLE IN: Disney Infinity 2.0
CAN BE PLAYED IN: Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box




Going straight to the gameplay aspect I have to say Jasmine seem to have fierce powerful combo  from the start. Maybe it’s cause of her quickness but I seem to be taking out enemies pretty good from the start. Her powers as you level expand on that combo and the range of her carpet attacks. The only setback is that most of her powers are just that..expansions of her ranged and combo attacks.

Jasmine is definitely a treat to listen to in-game.  Her voice overs are amazing especially when her and Aladdin are in play together.

Short And Simple…

The Princess Of Agrabah Jasmine Is A Must Have!


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