The Evil Within: The Assignment begins the season pass for The Evil Within. You will play as Juli Kidman with her events surrounding the main campaign and her involvement with Mobius. Let’s “Short And Simple Review” this DLC so you know how it lives up.

The gameplay is pretty much everything you experienced from the main game. This DLC, however, has less weapons, especially in the beginning. The Evil Within: The Assignment will have you using your flashlight to figure out many puzzles. There are crazy survival games that will have you luring and hiding from enemies till the coast is clear to make a run for it. The developers have learned to find more ways to use the game and the engine for another great experience. Oh.. And yes the gameplay is scary.


In compliance of making our reviews “Short And Simple” here are a few more things you should know about the product before purchasing.

  •  Gameplay is 3 to 4 hours (depending on player skill) and has 2 chapters of new goodness.
  •  Gamers who haven’t played the full game can still enjoy it playing on the side with the main game with minor spoilers. I suggest least playing to the wreck/getaway crash in the main game.
  •  Both The Assignment and The Consequence are available as part of The Evil Within’s Season Pass. Priced at $19.99, the Season Pass offers savings on all three add-ons for the game, including the third DLC, The Evil Within: The Executioner, and is available on PSN, Xbox LIVE, and PC. Pricing and release dates may vary by territory and/or platform. The Assignment is also available for purchase separately and priced at $9.99


With everything in mind above. I don’t see any reason anyone who enjoyed The Evil Within wouldn’t enjoy The Assignment. The pricing and the experience match up to being very well worth it.


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*The primary game experience for this review as PlayStation 4.  designed for a quick reading experience. To learn more on The Evil Within: The Assignment visit: You can read the previous review of the main campaign at: ADG Short And Simple Review: The Evil Within . Last but not least, you can view the ADG Plays series with The Evil Within: The Assignment Here