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ADG Short And Simple Review: Tales From Deep Space


Welcome to an historic moment in ADG Short And Simple Review. This is my 2nd ever app reviewed but my first time reviewing an Amazon App. Amazon Game Studios bring us an action puzzle platforming adventure with Tales From Deep Space.

Amazon Game Studios really wanted to make characters you know and care about in Tales From Deep Space.  They even created a comic to help you start or expand your adventure here:


The story evolves around Big E, a traveling salesman and his loyal luggage drone Casi telling a comedic adventure. You will take on and unravel the “Meek” uprising. The presentation is good, but could of been great. I guess it’s what to be expected from mobile games, but everything is pretty much text based. When you add up the fact the characters have so much potential it’s a shame we can’t actually hear them speak.



The gameplay is very simple and feels good on the platforming side. Slide your finger in your desired direction to maneuver and jump with ease. You can switch between Big E and Casi by tapping the menu icons on the bottom of the screen. In addition,you have command buttons that allow you to tell Casi or Big E to follow or stay behind. I mentioned this game as an action puzzle platformer because Big E can zap and Casi can smash by tapping one the screen’s enemies.

Short And Simple


It’s Truly Out Of This World!

Extra Note: Amazon Game Studios showed that they want to make mobile games just as good as what you expect from consoles with Tales From Deep Space.

To learn more about Tales From Deep Space visit:



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