Over the last couple of weeks, I have been getting acquainted with the Amazon Fire HDX. This review will not be a bunch technical know how on the device, although they will be some.  This review is from someone who was very interested in a tablet that was made mostly with gamers in mind.

The Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 delivers the best visuals to date for mobile games. Amazon Games also have their own unique library made specifically for the power of Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 Tablet. You can also play other hit mobile games such as Minecraft but actually a lot of the games coming out on Android Apps aren’t released yet for this tablet. This is a bit of a bummer when the Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 is Android hardware.  Gamecircle is a big feature of Amazon Games. It’s a service that keeps up with achievements within your own profile just like the likes of Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Maybe this is the reason in the delay of some of the games that aren’t available yet. Amazon Games great exclusive library is growing but I would be lying if it doesn’t deliver a kick to the…private.


Fire HDX 8.9_AtHomeWork


They are a load of great features for Amazon Fire HDX 8.9. You can take it on the go to check your emails, do work and more with the large array of growing apps out there. There is even a keyboard made for this tablet that I hope to get my hands on in the future, but for now the onscreen keypad works superbly. You can browse the web, use social media, watch movies, read books and magazines and more. This tablet has something for family, kids and friends with tons of features.

Short And Simple


Setting The New Standard For Tablets And Mobile Gaming

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