ADG has spent sometime away in a haunted asylum with Amazon Games and Human Head Studios’ Lost Within. Get ready for a horrifying review for Lost Within. The game is now available for Fire TabletFire PhoneiPad, and iPhone.


Human Head Studios, who is known, highly for their Prey Series really put their heads together for a console like experience for mobile devices. The gameplay is very smooth and easy to pick up. It allows you to navigate this gorgeous game making weapons, using stealth or running from the terrors and monsters.  I did run into a few issues getting stuck trying to navigate around corners or picking up items. After playing long periods, this can get annoying.


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The story works well as you arrive at an asylum and you are stuck there to confront a legendary killer. While this type of story situation has been done before, Lost Within makes its own original story through the paths and characters you experience through playing the game.


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Lost Within is my favorite survival Horror Game for tablets so far this year. Playing it on the Amazon Fire HDX was really emerging, surprisingly good, and entertaining.

Short & Simple


Getting Lost Within A Survival Game On Mobile Has Never Been This Good!

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