TomorrowThursday, June 4 — is a big day for Marvel Heroes 2015, and Gazillion is partying like it’s 2099! Celebrating its second anniversary, the free-to-play action-RPG welcomes copious amounts of new content, highlighted by the addition of Doctor Doom (playable character No. 48!). The development team will take part in a celebratory stream for the masses beginning at 10:00 a.m. PDT at, and Gazillion invites the entire community to tune in or – better yet – to stream the game all day themselves. Shout-outs from the devs will be given to anyone streaming and tweeting with the hashtag #PlayMarvelHeroes.

Join the Revels! For These Exciting New Features!

  • Meet…Doctor Doom!

The developers took special care to ensure the Doctor Doom players get in Marvel Heroes 2015 is their Doctor Doom. As the game’s 48th playable character, Doom comes with a full array of powers reflecting more than a half-century of comic book appearances. Whether you like a Doom who’s devoted his life to the dark arts and its awesome spells or you prefer a version of the character focused on technology, such as summoning Doombots – or a little bit of both, plus some raw fighting skills for good measure – you have the power to shape the character in more ways than even Reed Richards could calculate. (Well, that’s not true – but it would take him a while.)

  • The Thing’s Design Review: The Thing’s been part of the Marvel Heroes lineup since the start, and – Sweet Aunt Petunia! – there’s no doubt he’s seen all the newer characters entering the picture with their larger, more impressive in-game powers as quite the revoltin’ development. But the time has come for one of the biggest gameplay turnarounds this side’a Yancy Street! Many of Ben Grimm’s powers and mechanics have been redesigned, and with new powers like Guess What Time It Is? (a shockwave dealing massive damage) and the ability to summon Yancy Street Gang (complete with Thing-like masks, as seen on the cover of FF #6!), you betta believe it’s clobberin’ time!

thing_52_yancystreetgang (2)

  • Team-Up 2.0: We’ve totally revamped our Team-Up system – where select heroes fight alongside your playable character – in a way that makes each Team-Up character even more valuable to have by your side. Check it out!


  • Play as ALMOST EVERY PLAYABLE CHARACTER FOR FREE: And you thought it was cool in April when we let you play as all of the Avengers for free… Now, to celebrate two years of digital THWIPs, SNIKTs and BAMFs, we’re letting you try out all of your favorite iconic combat styles as 47 playable characters! Except for Doom, you’re able to experience everyone up to level 10, and doing so will entertain most gamers for hours and hours, at absolutely no cost. How long can we keep this up? Well… How long would you like us to?…


  • Team-Up With Angel: What better way to test out the new Team-Up 2.0 feature than with one of the original X-Men? It’s taken two years, but Warren Worthington, III, finally sees some combat as an uncanny Team-Up character. He will not be released on June 4, but you can expect him later this month.

For those that have read all these great Marvel Heroes goodness. We at ADG, EGM and our friends at Gazillion has the following free Doctor Doom codes. Get them while you can! First come, first served and they are all below!


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