There are some games that are very dear to my hear and are in essence who I am. The WWE game series has always been something that was always in my game radar. From WWE games by Acclaim, THQ , and now by 2K still with the development help of Yukes and some of the founders of  THQ’s WWE Games team I been there to see them all. The WWE Games community is very particular to what makes and breaks the game. Some will say one simple attire of their favorite wrestler being done wrong is enough for them not to purchase it. I’m going to be real, that’s childish and one of the things that WWE Game community should stop. As I try to squeeze in this feature packed game in a short and simple review, I want you guys to come with an open mind of why I say what I say, in this review.



THQ brings to us a new mode to feature in this year’s game entitled 30 Years Of WrestleMania. Showcasing wrestling’s greatest matches in the past year. Mostly, any great match you can think of is in this mode. They even put features in this mode. You will be able to see The Streak Mode upon entry to this mode as well as galleries and more. There’s even a 30 Years Of WrestleMania contest which oddly is only available on 360. PS3 fans begin your ranting now. Back to 30 Years Of WrestleMania, it’s everything you can remember from WWE 13’s Attitude Mode now focusing on the greatest moments in WrestleMania history. They’re are still objectives hidden and not so hidden you must complete to pass scenarios and unlock the numerous items in the game. It worked last year and with the gameplay improvements it works again this year.

The game features many modes such as WWE Universe mode which has added more ways to control your universe including the beginning of Rivalry Matches where you can control who you want to rival who in your shows. This works similar to the past system seen in GM Mode but works better. So GM Mode fans of the past should love this mode now, if they didn’t so already.

The creation suites are jam-packed and better than ever. First time in the series you can use actual Superstar heads and create your own attires. Need a new GM for your storyline..? Make a great special Referee for the upcoming title match.. With Superstar heads you can do a lot and even add them as an alternate attire. CAW Mode honestly hasn’t been touched much this year as there really any new parts or logos. I think in some ways the developers have gotten lazy in this area just because of the paint tool and other creations. We still need new clothing items, tights , and things to make stars of the past or our own creations. New also and working pretty well are new custom title creations, custom menu playlists, and more. Story Designer and Online Multiplayer is back but hasn’t changed much besides online having a preview of your custom superstars head in the lobby menu.

WWE has a great presentation and improved audio. Some of you may not believe it but if you get to see it you will. You can watch my video review (above ; first video of the article) for more talk about the audio in-game this year.

For the sake of keeping this Short And Simple…

This review is mainly based on what 2K wanted to bring to the table and offer fans. What they promised they would do they did bottomline. While some areas of the game didn’t change nothing has been took out either.  Which makes the game bigger and better than WWE 13.


PLAY IT! 9/10



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