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Today, we’re stoked to announce the arrival of the Ring Domination update to WWE SuperCard. Arriving now-ish* on your device of choice for WWE SuperCard, the Ring Domination update adds a new event, new cards, and new social features.

We named the update after the event, Ring Domination, because we’re pretty pumped about it. Ring Domination is an all-new, cycling event that challenges you to battle for control of a game board against an opponent. Let’s talk about how it works:

During a match of Ring Domination, you and an opponent take turns placing down cards on the event’s special nine-square board in a competition to control the most squares. To control a square, you need to either (a) play a card on an empty square with no adjoining opponent cards or (b) challenge an opposing card by placing one of yours in an adjoining spot. If your card’s alignment arrow faces the opposing card, a card battle begins. The winner takes both squares.

After you compete in a match, you win “pulls” that allow you to remove shards that obscure a reward. If you reveal the entire card, you win that reward. Pulling shards also nets you cards similar to how a traditional pick works. We’ve got a few images here, to show off the board:


The first Ring Domination, featuring an awesome Zayn card, kicks off this Friday through Monday at 6PM Pacific. In the next Ring Domination event, you’ll get a second shot at a Zayn card in order to Pro him. Preview period for this week’s Ring Domination begins this Thursday. The action starts on Friday.

Today’s update also introduces several other features. Let’s run through the list:

  • Wrestlemania Fusion cards – Starting now, you can fuse powerful Wrestlemania-tier Fusion cards in the Chamber. The list of new Fusions includes WWE Greats like Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, Lita, and many more.
  • King of the Ring Chat – Now you can chat with your competitors during King of the Ring. Expanding the social experience is something we’ve really wanted to do with WWE SuperCard, so we’re happy to deliver. Expect more in the future.
  • User Profiles – You can now view profiles your platform (Game Center, for example) and Facebook friends lists to see stats, including wins, losses, card totals and top ten cards.
  • Bulletin Board – You can now review past Bulletins, just in case you missed one.

Cool, right? We think Ring Domination is a fun twist on our event formula and introduces new interesting choices as you play #WWESuperCard. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on that – and also can’t wait to see all those Fusions in the wild.

Thanks for playing! Let us know what you think on social media and the forums.

*Updates take time to propagate across various storefronts. Keep checking your store!