Just wanted to make a quick post and have it up so readers and followers wouldn’t think the site is dying or anything. I wouldn’t want that. Earlier this week I posted in the FaceBook group, Twitter and Google Groups the following message..

July 1 at 12:55pm

Just a heads up. Waving my white flag in this post. I surrender. I need a vacation..since I can’t afford a full fledge one I’m taking a mini vacation. The vacation will be a week. This mini vacation means you won’t see much news for me during this time. I will do an occasional post like a review or a gaming video when I’m gaming but I’m not promising much from me during this time. Feeling burned after, E3, So many games to cover and other things. Hope you guys enjoy 4th of July and week up to it. Remember ‪#‎onminivactiontill8th‬

If you haven’t seen the new adress for 2015 or subscriber montage check it out now:


As you can see, I’ll be active a little,but not as much as usual. That’s why it’s a mini vacation. Take care!