Some video game villains like to hide all the way at the end of a game to reveal themselves, but when you’re a cocky terrorist whose name is synonymous with “apocalypse,” you tend to be a bit more brash.
That’s why The End shows up at the very beginning of Lost Dimension, bringing the Pillar with him. And if showing up, devastating New York and other cities across the globe, and threatening humanity with extinction wasn’t brash enough, he even gives the world a full thirteen days to stop him! I mean, seriously, what is it with this guy?
Regardless, he’s thrown down the gauntlet and it will be up to you to stop him (and the traitors he’s turned against you) from destroying the world. Maybe along the way you’ll not just figure out how to defeat him, but maybe why he even showed up in the first place.
Lost Dimension releases on July 28, and will have more than $20 of DLC available for FREE for the first week! From playable character costumes to mission packs to PSN avatars, all those DLC items can be yours for free!