A little something different for my wrestling following, with this article. Recently, John Cena was on Live! With Kelly & Michael and got in a battle rap with Michael Strahan. While this might not be on a Jay-Z level, it was entertaining and funny. Even, Kelly dropped a bar.

The Lyrics Of This Entertaining Occasion

Michael Strahan

I’m here
On the set
All my lyrics are about to get wet
I’m ’bout to talk
To John Cena
He can’t see me
Is it between a
Between him and me
Who [???] each other
I love him, he’s like my brother
I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but he’s on my show
Here, John, it’s your turn, just go

John Cena

Kelly silence the beat, I want ’em to hear the punchlines
I’m bout to eat you, dog, like it was straight up lunchtime
See I’m a game that you don’t want to play, man
I’m John Cena, you just a chump Michael Strahan
This Sunday I got a match at a PPV called Battleground
Thunder and lightning will make your cranium get that rattle sound
Trust me, you don’t want none, you should just take a rain check
You’re better off buying a ticket to go see a movie that’s named Trainwreck
I stay quick witted, unlike you who is kind of slow
Thank you, the wonderful crowd right here at Kelly & Michael’s show


I don’t know what just happened
But in Michael’s pants, he be crappin’