Gears Of War is back in a remastered edition dawning the name of Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition on Xbox One. Developers, The Coalition wants to take fans back to the roots of the series and hopefully gain some new fans in doing so. What are the steps you take to make this happen, besides 1080p visuals and 60 frames per second?

Graphically the game looks great. They’re not many places that didn’t get an upgrade visually. Cinematics are stunning. Playing offline or online the graphical stage looks very amazing. The lightning changes alone make things looks so refreshing. The most amazing aspects in the facial details on skin and face movement. This makes the characters look more lifelike than ever before.


The story, of course, is one of the best of the series. It’s where Marcus Fenix was released from prison and pardoned (like all soldiers at that time, but he was special) from his past mysterious court marshalled mistakes. The world needs him and he joins his fellow COG soldiers in a fight versus the Locust.


Honestly, the basics of sound, graphics and story you expect in a remastered game are covered with this game. The question is are there enough new features that grant it the “Ultimate Edition” to have you playing again. There are five never released campaign chapters that give you more lore that you are looking for. These moments are great and rememberable moments that you will love. The story can be played seamlessly through co-op. Come in at any time or leave as you wish while playing on the difficulty of your choice.


There’s so many reason’s to purchase the game for multiplayer fans. Dawning the Deluxe Edition will grant you a ton of characters and gun skins to play on a new invented multiplayer experience for Gears Of War. This edition brings not only old modes such as Execution and Annex but, new modes such as King Of The Hill, Team Deathmatch, and a special 2 vs. 2 mode. All playable on 19 remastered maps that includes all the DLC of the past. Simply, how does the multiplayer play? I think some fans still might have issues with the hit detection, but the ability to move your character and aim have been significantly improved.

Short And Simple..

Time To Bring The Fight, To The Locusts, Again