Ubisoft® announced today that Tom Clancy’s EndWar® Online, the free to play online RPG/Strategy game set in the Tom Clancy’s EndWar universe, has released their biggest version update since the beginning of its beta with an all-new playable faction joining the war: The U.S.A. Joint Strike Force.

Starting today, players registered at www.endwaronline.com will be able to play for free as The U.S.A Joint Strike Force, and enjoy a new epic solo campaign, new hero commanders to recruit, and a new selection of unique units and weapons for their armies.

Be more than you think you can be.” – Built from the elite Special Forces of different branches of military service, as well as returning Rainbow operatives, the U.S. Joint Strike Force employ advanced stealth technology to overwhelm opponents with organized, well-planned, devastating strikes. They are the third playable faction that has become available in the game, joining the European Federation Enforcer Corps and the Russian Spetsnaz Guard Brigades in the global fight for the last resources on Earth.

More playtesters will be invited in the coming weeks, so commanders interested in participating in the Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online Beta can still enlist at endwaronline.com.

*This is the official press release and was not written by AntDaGamer