Here’s the complete move-set listing for the WWE 2K16 New Moves Pack. Includes the OMG moves that other sites and creators haven’t reported.

630 Senton
Alabama Slam Facebuster
Arm Bar/Leg Lock Combo
Avalanche Ram-Paige
Black Magic
Buzzsaw Kick
Corner Enzuigiri 2
Crossface Chickenwing
Deadlift German Suplex
Diving Corkscrew Moonsault
Dragon Sleeper 2
Fireman’s Carry Roundhouse Kick
G.T.S/Penalty Kick Combo
Gut Check/Sick Kick Combo
Hammerlock Armbreaker
Inverted Alabama Slam
Leaping Mushroom Stomp
Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver
Rapid Fire Curb Stomps
Regal Cutter
Sidewinder Suplex
Sit-Out Cradle Piledriver
Sit-Out Last Ride Powerbomb
Sit-Out Pendulum Facebuster
Strong Style Stomp
Ura Shouten
Vertical Suplex Powerbomb

Back Suplex/Leg Drop Combo
Buckle Bomb/Enzuigiri Combo
Superkick/Piledriver Combo

Suicidal Tornado DDT – OMG
Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver – Table OMG
Shouten – Table OMG
Sit-Out Cradle Piledriver – Table OMG
Sit-Out Last Ride Powerbomb – Table OMG
Sit-Out Pendulum Facebuster – Table OMG
Vertical Suplex Powerbomb – Table OMG