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ADG Plays Killer Instinct Season 3 “For The First Time”

You know who it is and you know what it is! It’s ADG Plays “For The First Time” with Killer Instinct: Season 3. In this entry, I speak on why Killer Instinct: Season 3 should be the first add-on for a fighting game or fighting game, in general, you should buy if you play on Xbox One or PC. Me and my son headline and showcase the starting 4 character of Kim Wu, Arbiter (Halo), Tusk, and Rash (Battletoads).

Hope you enjoy all the feature information, my “For The First Time” preview, and screenshots in this article. Till next time, Peace!

Rash using headbutt attack

Rash using headbutt attack



What’s new in “Killer Instinct: Season 3”:

  • Eight new fighters join the fray: Fan-favorites Kim Wu and Tusk welcome special guest characters the Arbiter (“Halo”) and Rash (“Battletoads”), adding an array of new fighting styles to master and upping the number of challengers to take on. Throughout the coming months, four more characters will debut for a total of 26 fighters.

  • Windows 10 Support and Cross-Device Play: “Killer Instinct: Season 3” is also coming to Windows 10 day and date with the Xbox One release. Xbox One owners can carry over their Xbox One content and purchases to Windows 10 and vice versa at no extra charge. They will not need to re-purchase Killer Instinct. Xbox One and Windows 10 owners will also be able to access their saved games and play each other across devices. “Killer Instinct: Season 3” on Windows 10 also supports 60 frames-per-second gameplay at 4K resolution.

  • Revamped graphics to capture every combo in killer detail: Season 3 introduces an all-new dynamic lighting system that provides greater realism and detail for both the characters and the stages. Not only will new elements and stages for Season 3 (such as the “Arena of Judgement” stage based on the Sangheili homeworld from “Halo 5: Guardians”) reflect this improved look, but the stages from both Seasons 1 and 2 have also been enhanced with a new reflection and lighting technology.


Tusk using backward sword attack

Tusk using backward sword attack

Kim Wu attack

Kim Wu attack


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