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Madden NFL 17 First Look At Game And Cover Star Rob Gronkowski


Are you ready for some gaming football news for Madden NFL 17. Well, here we are with the New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski joining the Madden NFL cover family as the featured cover athlete for Madden NFL 17, hitting shelves on August 23rd for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

EA Sports are also , unleashing Gronk and various images in the first Madden NFL 17 gameplay trailer and images. You can view all of them here. 


Also you can expect up to date news here on AntDaGamer.Com.


For more info on this year’s game, fans can check out the Madden NFL 17 website. Fans can also stay up to date on all things Madden NFL 17 by following the official Madden NFL Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow me for Madden NFL 17 and more games on Twitter and Facebook.







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