ADG Short And Simple Reviews journeys back to KontrolFreek products with a review of the Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare S.C.A.R (Special Combat Air Recon) thumbsticks. I have tested the thumbsticks on Black Ops III, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Destiny, and Uncharted 4 (Yes, FPS sticks meet third-person shooter).

FPSFreek Call of Duty S.C.A.R. Features

  • Increases range of motion by up to 136%
  • Concave top enhances comfort
  • Reduces hand and thumb fatigue
  • Makes target acquisition faster


The S.C.A.R improved my aim steadiness during shooting, especially with Black Ops III. Overall improvement on movement control with a balanced feel on the controller thanks to the thumbsticks being the same height. I like to run and gun so the extra balance allows me to do so which is very good with close encounters in Uncharted 4.

Short And Simple

FPSFreek Call Of Duty S.C.A.R. Will Leave Scars On The Competition

*ADG Short And Simple Reviews currently does not give scores for accessories. This review was also done after my experiences with the FPS Freek Call Of Duty S.C.A.R. on PlayStation 4*

To learn more about the FPSFreek Call Of Duty Scare Visit The Official Website.

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