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Let’s Talk About Sonic Forces Upcoming Launch Release

I recently started a new series called “Let’s Talk”. This new series will feature various topics that catch my eye in gaming. Fans of my WWE 2K18 Let’s Talk should check this out as it will have the same vibe but just discuss video games, technology and entertainment in general. I hope you guys enjoy this series is a way to keep me in the game with the changes I need due to my health and semi retirement.

First up is a game you should keep your eyes out for and may get a few news bits from me here on the blog, Sonic Forces! I hope I get to review it to!


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I'm all about gaming and entertainment I've just about played all gaming genres and consoles. I'm a very good source of what gaming could and should be.

One comment on “Let’s Talk About Sonic Forces Upcoming Launch Release

  1. I love watching your gameplay. It is always original and creative content. I never know what to expect. Your gameplay is exciting and the best I have seen. You rarely edit your mistakes and if so you notify us viewers. I don’t mind that you show your mistakes, in fact, I am glad that you do. It makes it easier to believe your level of experience.


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