Mayhem Bowl Highlights

Minneapolis, MN – February 1, 2018 – The Killadelphia Evils delivered a near knockout blow to the Nuked London Hatriots with a 21-point first quarter lead at the 2018 Mutant Football League Mayhem Bowl – a simulation of this weekend’s big game. However, the Hatriots were down, but not out, and the team fought back to win the game 33 to 30 in a bruising battle between two football heavyweights.
MFL Killadelphia Evils
Run Your Own Mayhem Bowl with Free Killadelphia Evils MFL Download

Mutant Football League players can stage their own Mayhem Bowl match-up withthe NEW Killadelphia Evils Team, home arena, and Mayhem Bowl play mode, available for FREE on Friday, February 2nd for everyone who purchased Mutant Football League on PlayStation 4, XBox One, and/or PC.

Mayhem Bowl Full Game

The new Killadelphia Evil update includes a new Evil’s team theme song, “It’s After Midnight,” performed by Lucky Boys Confusion, courtesy of Mutant League Records, the newest Indie jam to appear in Mutant Football League.

MFL Mayhem Bowl 1MFL Mayhem Bowl 2