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WWE 2K18 ADG Universe EX Money In The Bank Part 2: Episode 5

The final part of #ADGUNIVERSEeX you have been waiting forever for due to YouTube antics is live. Witness the rise of the first Mr. Money In The Bank as well as the Universal Championship match between Brock Lesnar & Batista and the WWE Championship match between The Rock & Roman Reigns.

This is a new channel of course. It will be one channel for everything cause I don’t trust YouTube and I think design wise for the new YouTube this might be better to grow. All I have to do is pray I haven’t alienated all my fans and YouTube doesn’t unfairly suspend another channel of mines.


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I'm all about gaming and entertainment I've just about played all gaming genres and consoles. I'm a very good source of what gaming could and should be.

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