I’m happy about BlazBlue Cross Tag gameplay but like most fans of the game especially those that bought special editions are at the edge of top cringe with the game’s roster.

It starts as you boot up the game and see the lovely Yang & Blake of RWBY together like they should be but in the world of BlazBlue: Cross Tag they are separated at launch in a weird fashion. I know this isn’t new news but the fact they used them together in the main story and the opening cutscene is just outrageously bold.



Within moments of playing the main story of the game, Arc Systems doesn’t even try to hide that your DLC is already part of the game. You are put in battles with the likes of Hakumen, Platinum, Orie, and more.



Today, Arc Systems have announced that they will be releasing all the DLC including the free Yang DLC on June 19th. Yes, they want us to be happy with DLC they could release and should have had on the disk. I’m sure people would of be happy to pay on day one 59.99 for everything. Hell, I would have paid 69.99. In fact, I sort of did with my purchase of the Digital Deluxe Edition. So, shame on you Arc System works! Shame!