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WWE 2K19 Let’s Talk: Ronda Rousey Confirmed For Pre-Orders, Roddy Piper Confirmed For In-Game Roster



This week marked the announcement of Ronda Rousey’s confirmation in WWE 2K19. She will appear early for pre-order customers. As usual, I’m sure she’ll be able to play as via purchasable DLC later on throughout the WWE 2K19 season. Purchasing this way we’ll guarantee you can use her on day one without an extra fee and even play four days early of the official release of October 9th. So you can be taking down Alexa Bliss and anyone in the WWE women’s division on October 5th if you pre-order.


For those wondering my thoughts on this, well, I’m very excited. Ronda Rousey is one of my all-time favorite athletes outside of WWE. To see her in WWE is like a dream come true. To be able to play as her in WWE 2K19 against the likes or with the likes of my other favorites like Asuka, Charlotte, Ruby Riott and more is just outstanding.
I still believe Ronda Rousey was the perfect superstar to make the cover of the new game. There’s still a chance the special edition could feature the likes of Ronda Rousey and focus on the WWE Women’s Division. Hears to hoping because the perfect time to do this is now!
WWE 2K19 Custom Fan Cover By Madrill

WWE 2K19 Custom Fan Cover By Madtrillainy

Colt Toombs, son of Roddy Piper has given his blessings and honor to the news via Twitter as well.



Information also arrived this week in a very good source of Ryan Satin that Roddy Piper will be included in WWE 2K19 as well. Now, all we need is 2K to bring back mix tag team matches and these two can get it on together for a true “Rowdy” slobberknocker that even good old J.R. can be proud of!



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