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Today Women in Games is pleased to announce a partnership with 2K in an effort to encourage career opportunities for women in the games industry, and foster diverse and inclusive hiring efforts across the publisher and its development studios.

Starting at the European Women in Games Conference at City, University of London Sept. 11-12, 2K and Hangar 13 are kicking off a long-term partnership with Women in Games – a not for profit organization that works to recruit more women into the games industry and support those already working in the industry.

Melissa Bell 2K.jpg“Women in Games is a fantastic organization that’s been instrumental in supporting diversity in the games industry for nearly 10 years,” said Melissa Bell, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Marketing at 2K. “We hope this partnership leads to more women joining the development and marketing teams at 2K and Hangar 13, but our goal is to support women in the industry at large.”

Hangar 13 – one of 2K’s leading AAA development studios – is sponsoring and hosting several events and speakers at the European Women in Games Conference, in addition to presenting at the European Advocacy Awards and staging a recruitment booth at the event.

Hangar 13 recently opened a new office in Brighton, UK in addition to offices in Novato, California and two in the Czech Republic, and is now focused on a recruitment and hiring push to support their recently confirmed in-development new IP.


“Diversity is good for game development,” said Haden Blackman, Global Studio Head and Creative Director at Hangar 13. “Having a broad range of perspectives working to make and market your game means that the game will resonate with and reach more people. We’re very excited to support Women in Games and other organizations that are working hard to connect developers and publishers to diverse and talented people.”

Established in 2009, Women in Games has more than 1,000 followers on Twitter and has grown to nearly 3,500 members across the Women in Games WIGJ Facebook Group. The organization supports women in gaming careers by hosting networking and career-building events and award shows, and establishing partnerships with publishers and developers like 2K and Hangar 13.

0“The Women in Games WIGJ, not for profit organization exists to double the number of women working in the games industry by 2025,” said MC Isaaman, CEO of Women in Games. “It is extremely important that the organisation works in tandem with studios to advise on initiatives and support research. Our new long-term partnership with 2K represents a clear signal of intent, that through working together, we can change the prevalent culture of the game industries. This exciting new partnership will become public at this year’s European Women in Games Conference where 2K will lead in the European Advocacy Awards taking place on Sept. 11, lunch on the Tuesday and closing drinks on the Wednesday.”

In addition to participation at upcoming Women in Games events, as a Corporate Ambassador, 2K and Hangar 13 will also be joining the Women in Games Board.

For full details on the European Women in Games Conference, visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/european-women-in-games-conference-2018-tickets-48516336669

For more information on 2K and for current job openings at the company, visit: www.2k.comwww.2k.com/job

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