NIS America today released a new trailer showcasing Valvatorez and his role in Disgaea 4 Complete+’s story in the below press release. There is also supplemental news on alternate covers and how to acquire them.

Promises. Prosperity. Prinnies. 

This is what you’ll get from a cam-pain campaign unlike any other in Disgaea 4 Complete+, coming October 29, 2019 to PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™! Our newest trailer provides you with the basics of Netherworld politics and the one who’s going to change it all:



Valvatorez, a former tyrant reformed for the better as a Prinny instructor. Now, he has his eyes set on a greater calling: to weed out injustice and overthrow the Corrupternment! His methods may not be the cleanest, but dirtying one’s hands to ensure promises are kept serves a noble purpose, don’t you think?

Deck out your case with Alternate Coversheets, found here


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