It’s been a few days since this site got updated and I’m sorry for that. As you can see by this headline this hasn’t been great times for your man, ADG. With companies turning there back on me helping me create content, to YouTube’s new issues and policies, views dropping and more, I have to do things differently to stay in the game and hopefully turn these negative days back into another positive day for my brand.

My first ADG Let’s Talk that I put up last week focuses on how lack of views and lack of support from content creators effects my channel when you add it in with my finances of being someone disabled on SSI with two kids.

This last video was done in fun actually just to get under the skin of my V.I.P. hater. It’s very evident this guy went back through all my WWE 2K20 Road To Glory Universe Mode videos just to thumb them down after I mentioned how they were my best content so far being appreciated since doing things differently and bringing wrestling back to ADG Entertainment.

Regardless, I’m in here for the long haul. Unless my channel gets deleted or I’m no longer here as my current intro states in the words of Asta “My Magic Is Never Giving Up”! I’m not saying it’s easy or will be easy. It’s already been a rough year when you think about how terrible things have been with Gaming and YouTube along. So much lies, deceit, and bad business practices among both Gaming and YouTube is enough to keep me or anyone down that love the same things I do. Anyway, take care and thanks for watching and reading.