It’s been a while but here we are for another ADG Universe Ex Newsletter. As always spoilers are incoming so please least watch ADG Universe Ex Season 2 Backlash first. With the first Season 2 PPV hitting, we are officially dealing with the aftermath of Backlash. A PPV that only seen 2 title changes but despite the losses some took they are several wrestlers still in contention for titles or top spots.

Triple H’s actions, in my opinion, were appalling as he attacked Adam Cole after what was the match of the night, also in my opinion. These actions will have repercussions as Triple H will defend the ADG Universe Ex All-Star Pro Wrestling Championship again tonight vs Adam Cole in an ADGU EX-treme Rules match in our main event.

Triple H hovering over Adam Cole after his unnecessary after match attack.

The women’s division is something to also be on the lookout for. Becky Lynch now a two-time ADG Universe Ex Undisputed Worldwide Champion but Lita is still in contention. We may have a rematch on Ex Worldwide with them going one on one or a may just see how strong Lita can go against some of our new top women one on one in the next few weeks.

The women’s division is also getting the All-Star treatment with a new title. As I announced at Backlash we will be bringing an All-Star Pro Wrestling Women’s Championship to ADG Universe Ex. Here is a preview of the brackets and matchups. As you will see we have a new signee in Bayley and a returning signee with Taya Valkyrie (Thanks to creator The RyeeDee on PS4). I wish them both the best in this tournament and beyond.

One more tidbit, Matt Hardy is set to finally debut. His match will be against another person debuting officially in singles action in Seth Rollins. Can Matt get some payback for Jeff and Lita for Seth meddling in their careers in ADG Universe Ex? Find out this Saturday in Episode 6 of ADG Universe Ex.

*See last years news on Taya Valkyrie’s release in Season 1*