Rogue Company is a great game and a vouch for gamers to play it but I don’t vouch for the large amounts of overpriced DLC. I’m not even against monetization but since Fortnite I’ve noticed a large influx in 20 dollar skins and other things. This influx is making it okay and it’s spreading to other games as well. A few days ago I discussed the Retail Therapy Update and its new skins. You can watch and see it below.  You can also get more of the patch notes at this *Clickable Link*.

Bare in mind as well, There has been a small hotfix as well this week which was discussed on Twitter from Rogue Company devs. 

I also want to say, I want to see this game flourish. I’m a big fan of Hi-Rez games such as Smite and Paladins. I want to see them succeed. I even reached out to become an official Rogue Company Content Creator/Partner. So please share and continue to support the content, I put here and on YouTube.