Included in this post, are the new patch notes fore WWE 2K Battlegrounds update Version 11.00, which isn’t available for Xbox One as of yet. Regardless this update to be honest is barebones for a game that has been out a month. WWE 2K Battlegrounds has been lackluster when compared to it’s NBA 2K Battlegrounds component predecessor. Though the game is mad fun it really doesn’t leave much to do especially when it’s online is plagued with glitches and cheaters. Add in the fact we haven’t got any of the extra content for a lackluster roster that isn’t up to date. I can see why some are going back to old WWE games or even WWE 2K20 instead of playing pointless daily challenges.

Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the game but there isn’t much to it outside of unlocking and the main campaign for features. This is why I’m still slowly playing through the campaign. Which you can view here, Here, HERE, and my YouTube Channel. More to come soon as well.


Hello, everyone.

Below are the patch notes for the October update for WWE 2K Battlegrounds. This update will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, and PC. The update will be coming on a later date for Xbox One.

  1. Addressed reported concerns of occasional error messages and crashes related to creating a character
  2. Addressed reported concerns that some players may get booted back to the main menu after an error message about selected characters
  3. Addressed reported concerns of players sometimes not earning rewards after completing matches in various game modes
  4. Addressed reported concerns that some data may not save during Campaign mode
  5. Addressed reported concerns about occasional disconnects during King of the Battleground matches
  6. Addressed reported concerns about the occasional error message that says “Error configuring match. Rewards won’t be received.”
  7. Miscellaneous improvements