We made it ladies and gents! Here’s our WWE 2K20 ADG Universe Ex Season 2 Finale Episode 17. It was rough due to game stability but to be real the gameplay was amazing for me to simulate and play. So, I can’t wait to continue the story in Season 3 with WWE 2K22 and see how much ADG Universe Ex will “Hit Different”!

#ADGUniverseEx #RAW #RoyalRumble #SmackdownOnFox #Smackdown #NXT #NXTUK #AEW #ADGUniverseExWorldwide #ADGWGN #AntDaGamer #WWE #Wrestling #WWE2KUniverseMode #WWE2K presents “ADGU-EX WRESTLEMANIA S2 | *PS5 WWE 2K Universe Mode | ADG Universe Ex Season 2 Finale Episode 17” Live from Atlanta, Georgia the home of this year’s Royal Rumble winner Austin Theory, we will see the second ever ADG Universe Ex Wrestlemania; where that same man, Austin Theory will take on ADG Universe Ex Undisputed Worldwide Champion, The Fiend,Bray Wyatt. Also, Alexa Bliss defends her ADG Universe Ex Undisputed Worldwide Women’s Championship vs Royal Rumble Season 2 winner, Dakota Kai. All this and more with stars and champions in the names of Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Toni Storm, Sonya Deville, Sami Zayne, Triple H, Tomasso Ciampa, Stephanie McMahon, Becky Lynch, Rhea Ripley, Shwan Micheals, and more. Bookmarks and match card to come..help in comments.

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