YOOoo!!; Tomorrow is the big day and I’m sure there are still a lot of questions about Outright Games’ upcoming game DC Justice League: Cosmic Chaos. Well, I had the chance to ask the developers’, Nick Madonna, founder of PHL Collective, as your coolest OG Ambassador, all the hard questions. In this Q&A, we touch on everything from DLC, voice-over cast, cinematics, story, team-ups, Cyborg!, Batman Batarangs, and more! Let’s hop right into it!


1) With the characters that aren’t playable, do they have any bearing or placement in gameplay for team-ups, specials, etc. outside of just cinematics and story?

Our non-playable League members are key to our story and combat. Although you can’t play as Cyborg, you can utilize him and his abilities during combat. Each non-playable League member will be unlocked through story mode and will be upgradeable so their power can grow alongside yours.

2) What in your opinion is the best skill/unique ability in the game and why?

I am a huge fan of the batarangs. When Batman is in an enclosed space, tossing those batarangs can be a lifesaver as they bounce off walls and kill all the enemies inside. They’re chaotic and powerful!

3) What about this game are the team most proud of from the gameplay point of view?

We’re really proud of the entire game and what we were able to achieve. Making open-world games is very difficult. We worked really hard to design a world that was full of life, secrets and fun bad guys to fight. There’s so much to do and experience in the game that it’s really hard to focus on one specific element.

4) Is the game fully voiced?

The game is fully voiced by an incredible cast you can see in the table below:

EnglishFrenchItalianSpanishPolishBrazilian Portuguese
BatmanDeidrich BaderBeaudouin JacksonBALZAROTTI MARCOAngel del RíoPiotr ChysDláigelles Silva
SupermanNolan NorthMichel DodaneZANOTTI MATTEOJosé GarcíaMaciej KonopińskiAlexandre Marconato
Wonder WomanVanessa MarshallMarie ChevalotMASSIRONI CINZIAAnna MestreMaja GadzińskaFlavia Saddy
CyborgDelbert HuntAlex FondjaDE MOJANA MATTEODavid JenerPaweł PogorzałekHenrique Canales
The FlashJosh KeatonThierry d’ArmorSINGH MOSE’Lluis TorrellesMikolaj PancerzHeitor Assali
Green LanternTC CarsonRody BenghezalaIACONO GIANLUCAJJ SerranoZbigniew OlszewskiCassiano Ávila
AquamanCooper AndrewsArthur KongRIZZI FRANCESCOEduard ItchardRobert CiszewskiFrancisco Junior
Mr. MxyzptlkDana SnyderEric MissoffeBRUSAMONTI MATTEOMarc GómezPiotr ŁukawskiMarcio Marconato
StarroFred TatascioreAugustin JacobFERRINI RENZOAlfonso VallésMarek TyndaVanderlan Mendes

5) Can we expect another game maybe with more playable characters in the future?

We are reviewing post launch DLC at the moment, and the focus would be to have the other JL members currently not playable in the main game to be playable in any future DLC for this game. Though we have nothing to announce on this right now.

What a great interview! I want to thank Nick for that exclusive Q&A!

I do also want to leave you with some of the other basic FAQ’s that was gave to use in a recent press release.


  • ● How is the game linked to the recently announced DC Universe Projects?
    ○ DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos is based on characters owned by DC
    Comics. The game has no connection to recently announced DC Universe
    Projects and was in development long before the announcement.
  • ● How many playable characters are there?
    ○ The game features three playable characters: Superman, Wonder Woman,
    and Batman.
    ● What age rating is it?
    ○ The game is rated PEGI 7 for children 7+.
    ● Are any voice actors from the show present in the game?
    ○ The game isn’t based on a particular TV show.
    ● Is there multiplayer in this game?
    ○ Yes, there is local multiplayer for up to 2 players.
    ● Is there in game paid content?
    ○ Cosmic Chaos does not feature any in-game paid content.
    ● Will there be DLC?
    ○ There are currently no plans for a DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos DLC
  • ● Is there any else that stands out about this game?
    ○ The game features Artefacts of Justice, which are powerful attack and
    defence items that can grant players with a range of stat-altering boosts.
    Each character also has their own unique abilities from Superman’s Heat
    Vision and Super Breath to Wonder Woman’s Truth’s Pull.

Last but not least ..another THANK YOU! to Nick Madonna! Also, don’t forget to tune into AntDaGamer*ADG Entertainment for the coolest ADG Plays of DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos from the coolest ADG Ambassador starting at launch, March 10th!, aka TOMMOROW!

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