We get closer and closer to the release of Halo 4. As the days go by, it seems more and more information is getting releases. Just how much is in the package of Halo 4? Well, I’m not sure but it seems to be one great package that is offering even more than Halo games of the past.

Multiplayer is always important. When it comes to Halo and multiplayer Capture The Flag is on top of the list. The latest trailer shows that you can now do a cool assassination with the flag itself. If that isn’t enough to get you hype check out the gameplay.

Today, another trailer rose from the scenes of 343 industries involving the acting and voice work that is going on behind the scenes of Halo 4. You will see the voice of Master Chief himself and other actors tell you how this wasn’t just about making the game Halo 4 memorable but making you understand each important piece of the Halo 4 story.