Call Of Duty Black Ops II is bringing in its second edition of DLC entitled Uprising. Uprising bring you four new maps, Studio, Vertigo, Encore, and Magma. Unlike the first edition of DLC, this one doesn’t offer a brand new spanking gun just a brand new spanking Zombie mission called Call Of The Dead featuring big time actors.

Mob of the Dead is headlined by actors Micheal Madsen as Finn O’Leary, Joe Pantoliano as Albert Arlington, Ray Liotta as Billy Handsome, and Chazz Palminteri as Salvatore DeLuca. All these former gangsters are trying to escape an outbreak of zombies on Alcatraz. One of the things you will notice is the introduction of Prisoner and Guard Zombies.

The four new maps all add their own interesting personal twist. Vertigo is a map of high dangerous skyscraper porportions. They are risky jumps and levels high and low that you can use to your advantage. Magma is a volcanic destructed city deep in Japan that has subways bridged across lava, dangerous heated hills, and more. Studio offers various fun movie cinematic scenes to play across. Last but not least Encore is a music set stadium that will remind you most likely of Stadium map from First Strike from the original Black Ops game.

Gameplay wise these maps are great and frantic to play on. Graphically I had some issues with Magma and Studio as the details seem to be bland and not of that great of a quality but this is just a matter of opinion and it doesn’t take away from the fun just eye pleasure.

Short And Simple…

 *This review is based on playing on the XBox 360 Version