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WWE Games has always had a special place in my heart. This review is also very special being its the first WWE Game I have officially wrote a review for. When it comes to WWE Games, people that are familiar with ADG, know that I know wrestling and its games. So, this one is a pleasure for sure. Shout Out to my contact, Christine and WWE Games for making this happen! Now, that the WWE Games fan-boy moment is over let’s get this thing started.

This review is from impressions of  WWE 13 on Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.

WWE 13 is all about “Living The Revolution” and reliving the attitude modes. Yes, you are doing both. Making it seem like it is two games in one. In honesty, this is a good and a bad thing. The bad thing is it seems, when you play the new improved WWE Universe 3.0, creating a universe with current WWE superstars is difficult. It makes it seem pointless to make other shows because you will not have enough people to assign to the roster. Unless you download a bunch of Caws or wait till the first batch of new WWE superstars, putting together a full recent roster show is a pain.

Short And Simple Video Review: WWE 13

Speaking of pain, the new animated moves of WWE 13 look painful. The mo-cap of the effects of these moves on your opponent show tons of pain and just make the moves feel full of more impact. There are more moves added to this game that showcase the unique aspect of WWE Superstars and their move-sets beyond the usual signature and finisher moves.

Everything You Need to Know About WWE 13

The presentation is an improvement from WWE 12. Bringing in a better audio system called WWE Live, two commentator teams for Attitude Era Mode and current WWE matches,  incredible new camera angles is very sweet to see and hear. The problem at the moment is at times the game glitches the audio goes missing and you will not hear sound effects and occasionally game winning themes being played. I also ran into problems on the PS3 where the game lagged up during close ups, OMG moments, signature moves, and finisher moves. Hopefully, THQ will patch this in the future on the PS3.

WWE Attitude Era mode is awesome as well. The game takes you too places in the history of WWE’s greatest era for you, the gamer, to relive. From the great Montreal Screw-job to Austin vs McMahon and more this game delivers and doesn’t skip a beat on the presentation. Offering players videos from the actual moments in WWE history to view during attitude mode and as an unlock-able treat, WWE Attitude Era mode is a treat.

Over 65 Matches and Great Attitude Moments Are Included In WWE 13

WWE 13 continues the great creation aspects in WWE Games. The main things you need to know is that Create-A-Championship is back and better than ever. Some may say the lack of custom parts is an issue but there’s so many extra titles you can customize that it hardly matters. Create-A-Arena is expanded and now you can create and customize everything in the arena from the titan-tron, the ring size and the stage.  There is so much to talk about when it comes to WWE 13 Community Creations suite. You just need know its bigger and better than ever.

Universe Mode 3.0 provides more of the same as last year’s game but offers branching storylines and decision making moments to decide where your rivalries should go. They have also added in history records, Create-A-Show for any day on the calendar available, Create-A-PPV, and more. The Universe is definitely bigger than ever before.

In WWE 13, It Doesn’t Matter What You Do..? Or Does It?

I could go on for days talking about WWE 13 but for the sake of Short And Simple Review remaining “short and simple” I guess I’ll wrap this up.


Short And Simple
Fun Factor:  10
Sound Quality:  8
Gameplay:  10
Graphics:  9
Online:  7
Replay Value: 10

Overall Score : 9/10

Are You Ready? Cause WWE 13 Is…AWESOME!! 


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