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Keeping your devices powered is very important for mobile users. What happens when you don’t have power? More than 1 million people were without power after Hurricane Sandy last year.  Keep your smartphones, tablets and more powered up during the next outage with these smart mobile power banks:

Lepow U-Stone: 

Winner of the Red-Dot Design Awards 2012, U-Stone from Lepow provides 12000mAh of power to charge iPads 1 time and iPhones 9 times, keeping you connected for over

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1 week without re-charging.  Ruggedized and flame retardant, U-Stone fits in a bag or purse for everyday use or can be included as part of an emergency kit, providing power for over 3 years and 500 charges.  U-Stone protects your device battery by shifting to a trickle charge when the device reaches a 95% charge.  Shake it to quickly see remaining battery capacity.  Available at Amazon, eBay and other retailers, U-Stone is priced at $120. 

Website:  http://www.lepow.hk/en/

Twitter: @Lepow2013 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lepow.Intl

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