It’s Etrian Odyssey Untold Demo Day! The demo will let everyone sample the game’s new Story Mode and experience the first two floors of the main dungeon, the first floor of the new dungeon and all the gorgeous cutscenes and story banter in between! Oh, and just like in Etrian Odyssey IV, your demo progress will transfer to the full version of the game!

It’s Medic Monday as we introduce Simon Yorke – the leader of the Midgard Library investigation team. As a healer his role is to keep your party alive, but through clever synthesis, he can become and effective battle medic.

Here’s a video of some of his skills in action:

Party Healing with an Edge 

Etrian Odyssey Untold’s Simon — The Medic


The brains of the operation among the Midgard Library investigation team, Simon is as skilled with a blade as he is with a bandage. His passion for research means he’s rarely at a disadvantage, whether he’s dealing with enemies he’s read about somewhere or negotiating passage with foreign governments.

His natural expertise lies in his medical training, allowing him to get a party memberback on their feet after a serious or even mortal wound. Should anyone suffer a statusailment or bind, he can alleviate that as well. Beyond that, the Grimoire Stone he carries gives him a few swordsman’s tricks, making him a capable combat medic.