Today brings the final batch of colorful characters who you can select to fight in AquaPazza. Oh, and don’t let their bubbly personalities and cute outfits fool you; they pack a serious punch.  Prepare for the fourth and final set of characters!

Without further ado, here’s the next iteration of fighter backgrounds, plus our resident ATLUS fighting experts’ own recommendations for partners!

Chizuru – this kitten has claws! She uses her powerful (and creepy) fingernails to protect her family


Multi – the cheerful maid robot who uses her mop to wipe the floor with opponents  

Riannon – the kind-hearted oracle whose affinity for spell casting is only rivaled by her affinity for flowers

Tamaki – the typical overachiever. Studious, lots of talent, and …pro-wrestling skill? 

AquaPazza will be available for $29.99 beginning on Nov. 19 and is rated T for Teen by the ESRB. More information will be available on the game’s official website: