AquaPazza is coming out next week, but to get battle-ready, you’ll need to make sure of not only your fighting ability, but also your fashion sense! (Yep, you read that right!) There’s plenty of color combinations to mix and match your ultimate style, complete with the best names ever. So when you go into combat with “The Fox and Grapes” Manaka paired with “Red Sunburst of Justice” Ma-Ryan, your opponent will know they got beaten by someone with skill AND style.

Check out some of the color combos below!

Chic and demure, the Overlord & Co. Winter collection pairs Arawn and Yuma with cool neutrals tones “Invoked Shadow” and “Metallic Silver,” topped off with a deadly, deadly sword.

The Bookworm and the Witch pair their beauty styles with warm pastels, such as “Milky Way Railroad” and “Sun God Altar,” while effortlessly using magic to hold foes in place and then topple bookcases on them.

The Huntress Line embraces the colors of the forest with rich natural tones. Morgan’s delicate “Jasmine” complements Ulthury’s brisk “Autumn Breeze,” and will be the last thing anyone sees before getting perforated by a barrage of Morgan’s arrows.
Tamaki and Mizuki

Brash, bright colors that are totally in your face make up this Back-to-School combo. “Preppy Othello” and “Mysterious Purple” will soon have you on the business end of one of Tamaki’s throws.

The spring collection of the Wandering Warrior and School Girl matches the bright hues of “Kinpoge” and “Spring Princess in Love,” with sharp hairstyles and even sharper katanas.
And in case you missed it, Team Tears to Tiara made their debut in the last of the character videos with splashy moves and tree lasers (again, you’ve read that correctly — TREE LASERS). Without further ado:

AquaPazza will be available to purchase in stores and on the PlayStation Network Nov. 19 for $29.99. Check out the official website  for move lists, character bios, and more!