With the launch of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One quickly approaching, 2K today released details on a new mode exclusive to next-gen NBA 2K14: MyGM. MyGM is an innovative look at what a franchise mode should be as players oversee the entire organization, right down to the details of staffing, managing player expectations, game pricing, team facilities and much more. Driving NBA 2K14’s MyGM mode is the new Conversation Engine. All interactions with players, staff, owner and press take place through real-time discussion and provide an opportunity to make decisions that will have ripple effects both on and off the court. Players will also have full control over every aspect of the team’s financial situation, right down to setting the prices for tickets, hot dogs, souvenirs and parking and must learn to strike a delicate balance between maintaining the happiness of the fans and the owner.

2k also recently had another exciting announcement about an incredible new feature coming to NBA 2K14, a game engineered from the ground up to harness the power of next gen.

2K SportsReal Voice brings audio from actual NBA interviews – the voices of both player and coaches – directly into NBA 2K14.  With over 600 in-game interviews, Real Voice brings the celebrated authenticity of the NBA 2K experience to a whole new level on next gen consoles.  From cover athlete Lebron James to James Harden, Kevin Durant and so many other great players and coaches, the amount of Real Voice content in NBA 2K14’s halftime and post-game interviews is something you have to experience to believe.