Another year usually means another Call Of Duty game for gamers. This year, we have Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. After, last year’s confidential Call Of Duty: Ghost which was subject to ridicule mostly for its multiplayer. I found it quite entertaining (as seen here in this Call Of Duty Ghost review) but let’s get to our Short And Simple Review of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare_Review_Will Irons

The story has you playing as Jack Mitchell who was serving in the US. Marine Corps before his friend Will Irons was KIA. After Will’s Death, his father , Jonathon Irons offers him a job with Atlas. These decisions will send you on a ride of a lifetime which in my opinion the best story in a Call Of Duty game so far.

Outside of the true next-gen (or current if you prefer / PS4/Xbox One) visuals in this game. The gameplay offers some unique changes from the way you handle your grenades, the world renown exoskeleton and other amazing new technology. These new gadgets will change the way you play in a big fashion and offer a new experience.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare_Review_Solar

The same can be same about the tech in this year’s multiplayer. It will change your experience. In fact, so much that some players might need to go through the story before understanding the new gadgets at their disposal or purchase the BradyGames Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Guide that I will be reviewing soon as well.

There is a few issues in the gameplay that bothered me with hit detection in this game. The Exo Survival coop mode isn’t that fun at all plus it seems as if it was just place there and gave achievements to keep achievements hogs playing it. There’s no issues in the gameplay but I feel it could be better. My other issue was hit detection. There are times in the campaign very notable on the end of Traffic Mission. Where I shoot guys and it seems to have no effect. It doesn’t kill your experience but it does stop me from giving 10’s in some categories.

Short And Simple..



The NEW C.O.D. Standard Has Been Made


*Primary version played in this version was PlayStation 4. For more information on Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare , such as its new multiplayer and cooperative features please visit the official website: