Grand Theft Auto V is back a year later and this time for PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC. Rockstar is taking the game you have loved and upgraded it for even more fun. Is it worth buying if you have it on last gen consoles? Well this Short And Simple Review will help you decide.


Updated visuals are always important in a remake. This transition to more powerful consoles is no exception. Rockstar has updated visuals to allow up to 1080p resolutions and even 4K on PC.  You can even change your feel of view to allow first person and various third person views. Updated textures, tattoos, character upgrades, and many more visual additions make Los Santos look better than ever. There’s even more animals!


Features of GTA Online have also been improved. The 11 major updates are already jam-packed in this release. Add in increased player count of 30 plus 2 spectators. Cross-gen and cross-platform saves, 150 plus news props to GTA Online creator tools, a huge selection of new player customization upgrades, apartments, weapons, vehicles, new GTA online lobby options and more.

So what about the gameplay? Has anything changed ? No! Nothing besides support for your console of your choice. Use the PS4 Touchpad to switch weapons if you want or do it the classic way with a control pad. PS4 speaker for phone communication /police radio broadcasts. There’s a lot to name. I really suggest you checking out the official website and my initial review of Grand Theft Auto V to learn about everything GTA V has to offer on gameplay , the story and more.


Short And Simple……

GTAV PS4 Review Score

The Perfect Game Just Got Better


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