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Well the DLC is finally here for WWE 2K15. Well sort of one character from the Season Pass, Paige and the WCW Pack has been released. In this review, I look at Paige and give you my opinions on if she’s a worthy Season Pass Exclusive.

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Paige’s moveset comes complete with everything you should expect from her presence in the game. The PTO, Cradle DDT, Cloverleaf, Paige Turner and more. Her basic moves even have signature styles like her stalking anti-diva headbutt,  her apron knees to the gut followed by her primal scream. In fact with just a flick of the taunt button you can make Paige scream as much as you desire.

Paige’s model is very authentic. It looks like here and is proportioned like her in size. At times the hair clipping like other models in WWE 2K15 interferes with the overall look and her face looks zombie-ish when she makes certain facial gestures. Overall, she is very well done.

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The wait for Paige was very worth the wait. If you purchase the Season Pass you will have a wonderful addition to your Diva roster that it’s missing. In fact,  she is my favorite diva to use and is just fun to play as.

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