There’s something always fun about beating the crap out of zombies or running from them. Techland and Warner Bros. are giving us open world zombie fun with its title Dying Light.

The gameplay of this game is that of a first-person perspective. It puts you deep in survival in an urban city, Harran, that has been cut off from the outside world. You must find and craft weapons for your defense. You also learn other skills such as lock picking and I must say isn’t very easy at least in my opinion. I broke several lock picks in the learning process. Then hide to backtrack and find supplies to make new lock picks. I hate to mention other titles, but you will immediate think of Dead Island (by the way this game is from the original creators of Dead Island) when you play this game. You will not think of it just cause of the story but some of the control scheme elements as well. Not that it’s a bad thing..it’s a good thing. I also loved how they added zombies into the gameplay at night that are very special and unique making being outside at night a huge threat. You then mix in platforming similar to Mirror’s Edge and bam..you got Dying Light!


The story is more than just about surviving in an infected city. It’s a battle for Antizen which keeps citizens from turning. The Global Relief Effort, GRE, comes in to aid the survivors dropping supplies. It goes deeper when Kyle Crane, voiced by the video game world renown icon, Roger Craig Smith (which you can learn about and watch me interview here), infiltrates Harran to investigate and get to the bottom of problems in the area. Good stuff, Techland!

Short And Simple..


A Dying Good Time


This review was done by playing on Xbox One in a short and simple fashion for a quick viewing pleasure. To learn more about Dying Light visit http://dyinglightgame.com/.

Watch ADG Plays gameplay series with Dying Light by clicking here to watch on YouTube.



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