From a cursed origin comes the latest character (the sixteenth of the total Killer Instinct Xbox One lineup and seventh of Season 2 ) in the Killer Instinct Season 2 lineup, Hisako. I truly believe Hisako has the most hype so far from the lineup we seen and love as well after her appearance at the end of the Aganos trailer. The question is.. Will she deliver?

Hisako’s Presence..

This Ghost Girl aka Onryo known by fan or personally known by your boi, ADG, as The Grudge, which is easy visually explained from horror movie fans, puts a different perspective on a fighter character the likes we have never seen. She screams and freakishly crawls or teleport herself to her victim. Her winning banshee like scream was enough to scare my little girl away the first couple of times. Her costume variations are very good, especially the ones with red skin.

Hisako’s Gameplay..

Hisako is a very slow zombie like walker which brings realism to her character. After some time with her you will realize that her dash is so quick and fast that it makes up for that department. True good Hisako players will learn how to use her dash, combos, and possession to get the most of her opponents. Hisako basic attacks seem weaker than most fighters but not enough to make her not useful.

Short And Simple..


She Will Devour Your Foes And Your Gaming Time