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Torchlight Mobile awarded Best Mobile/Tablet Game at Game Connection 2015


Torchlight Mobile, the upcoming mobile game from Perfect World, impressed judges and attendees alike at this year’s Game Connection event in Paris, France. The highly anticipated action RPG was named Best Mobile/Table Game, among many other strong contenders.

Having received multiple awards at E3 2015, Torchlight Mobile was also awarded “Best Mobile Game,” at Gamescom by ( This latest offering in the Torchlight series shows no sign of stopping in terms of receiving critical acclaim.

Game Connection 2015 also proved to be a perfect opportunity to listen to press and fan feedback, and integrate that feedback into the game.

Previously featuring an in-game stamina system that served as a “cool down” method before players were allowed to accept new quests, Torchlight Mobile now allows players to accept new quests and enter dungeons without any stamina restrictions. Torchlight Mobile seeks to create a highly-enjoyable mobile gaming experience that remains as true to its predecessors as possible.

Torchlight Mobile also bears many other similarities to its predecessors, both in terms of gameplay as well as visual aesthetics. Pets that can carry loot and fight alongside the player’s characters will once again serve as one of the series’ hallmarks. The fishing system, another fan favorite, is also confirmed to return. The entire game is crafted in the signature style of the Torchlight series, which is sure to strike a familiar chord with fans.

Torchlight Mobile Features:
An entirely new Torchlight game with a new story and new areas to explorer
Easily accessible free-flow gameplay with fluid, unobtrusive controls -NO playtime limiting stamina system (yes, we DO listen to player and media feedback!)
New playable races and classes exclusive to Torchlight Mobile
New skill augmentation system
PVP and multiplayer gameplay
New collectible pets system
Timed challenge

As development continues, further information regarding gameplay features, character classes, plot and more will be forthcoming. Visit and for more details.

*The following post is copied from the official press release and was not written by AntDaGamer


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