Injustice 2 Mobile Art.jpg

Injustice 2 is around the corner with less than a week before it’s console launch on May 16, 2017. I’m personally all ready to get good use out of that Ultimate Edition. Until then, we can now play Injustice 2 for mobile.

Ed Boon had the following to say about the mobile release:

“With Injustice 2, the team has worked extremely hard to build upon an already successful mobile game to bring a fresh fighting game experience to mobile devices,” said Ed Boon, Creative Director, NetherRealm Studios. “We are excited to have fans experience a few of our favorite new features including upgraded special moves, improved combat and Story Mode, which will be released chapter by chapter.”

Earlier this week the hype of Injustice 2 continued with an “Everything You Need To Know” trailer. By the way, I truly believe this game will live up to the hype.

Check out these cool mobile images of Injustice 2 before you go!

Injustice 2 Mobile Art_Commands_Image.jpg

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