I want to clear up a few things related to my actions of deleting my channels. It was all a result of the pressure of today’s YouTube, lack of interaction from my community, personal things in my life and most of all my war with my mental illnesses. During an anxiety & panic attack this weekend, I deleted my channels.

All my life, I have been in war with major mental depression and anxiety. At times, I didn’t even know it cause I wasn’t diagnosed for it. Later on due to an accident, I had issues with nerves and chronic pain.


I know a lot may not care or have belief in what I’m about to say. I love gaming and entertainment. I destroyed 5 years of my personal work, reviews, shows, interviews and more. I’m regretting it but mental illnesses are a serious thing that effect people everyday. It was just my moment to be effected.


I can’t promise that my channels will be back. I can’t promise I can replicate on another channel what I did in the past 5 years. In fact, I hear they are gone. I will continue to post, share news and keep you in the know right here. I did start a channel, Official No Commentary, to begin hosting videos related to articles I will be posting. If you are interested in trailers and no commentary gameplay. You will love this. Please follow this blog as it’s my only source of side money. I’m also stopping the Facebook Page from being deleted so that will be okay. Thanks for reading! Most of all if you still are here and supporting, thank you so much!