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London — February 22, 2018Booming Games announced today that the European-based X Test for the upcoming massively multiplayer medieval war game, Conqueror’s Blade, will launch on March 2 and continue through March 9. Players still have a chance to register game account at

Booming Games also unveiled more details about how resources play a critical role in the Big World of Conqueror’s Blade. Resource development is another activity players can pursue in addition to participating in wars and battles. They are used to craft equipment, recruit and foster Legions, and construct towns, providing a big potential advantage. The game features a complete system for mining resources to finished product, including processing, transferring and trading.
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Five categories of resources are currently available in Conqueror’s Blade: food, metals, non-metals, horses and dress materials. Food used for recruiting and healing legions. The common metals copper and iron are used mainly to craft normal equipment and siege weapons . Non-metals are used for a range of items, such as wood for construction, and petroleum, saltpeter, and sulphur are used for weapons and ammunition. Horses are used to assemble cavalry units, while dress materials like cotton and leather are generally used to craft equipment for Generals and Legions and construction.
Resources are distributed via facilities in Strongholds. The number of facilities in a Stronghold is fixed and only occurs in Villages. Players must assemble the required means for obtaining each resource, for example, clearing rangeland to feed livestock. Resources must be transported by carriages and stored in personal warehouse, which have maximum capacities. Players can trade all items in their warehouses to other players through the marketplace, and all resources are fair game for plunder by other players during transport.
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For more information, visit the Conqueror’s Blade website at or on Facebook at .
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