Assault Spy Collage Update Early Access.png
To commemorate Assault Spy‘s new update today NIS will focus on the newly-added Officers of the Negabot mega-corporation. These well-dressed killing machines will give you a run for your money when you come across them at the end of an area:

“Our security system restricts access to facilities based on clearance level. You need authorization from the diamond, spade, heart, and club machines.”

Each of these authorization machines are located in different part of the company, guarded by one of the Officers, and it’s up to you to find them.

Officer Diamond
Battle Style: Perfect Business Etiquette
A seasoned fighter like yourself, it brings fast brawler techniques to the battle.

Officer Heart
Battle Style: Mind Reading
Watch out for Officer Heart’s wide range attacks that send out vertical and horizontal shockwaves.

Officer Spade
Battle Style: Easy Communication
Throws fast projectiles and has a charging thrust attack that will keep you on your toes.

Officer Club
Battle Style: Incredibly Precise Hands
Fires shockwaves and is great at origami.

Challenge them now in Assault Spy Early Access, available now for a special price. Dive into the world of corporate spy espionage today!

This posting is the official press release from NIS America for AntDaGamer publishings