WWE 2K19 AJ Styles Screenshots (Official) AntDaGamer ADG (2)

WWE 2K19 is headed to consoles on October 9th and for some on the 5th if they preorder the deluxe or collector editions. With not much time left before release fans really want to learn as much about the game as possible as well as how it looks. 2K and AJ Styles himself released the first two screenshots, yesterday via Twitter.

WWE 2K19 AJ Styles Screenshots (Official) AntDaGamer ADG (1)

My opinion on the screens isn’t much. I’m with some fans on the 2K Forums who believe these screenshots could have been touched up via photoshopping. AJ Styles model hasn’t changed much but if these screenshots are accurate then AJ Styles has been cleaned up and the lightning has been perfected better.

I don’t want to say too much at this time but I look forward to seeing what 2K releases next on WWE 2K19.